Mentee FAQs

- How long is the mentoring scheme?

The mentoring scheme lasts for a 12 week period, but it is up to mentors and mentees to decide when they end their communication.

- Is there an age requirement for mentees?

We accept mentees that are of university age, or recent graduates (18-24) who are seeking guidance. Mentees must have left secondary school studies.

- Do I have to be attending university?

Our mentees do not have to be currently attending university, they can be recent graduates or even in employment.

- I'm not sure exactly what field I want to go into. Can I still receive mentoring?

Yes, part of the mentoring process is about helping you discover your skills and what field they might be most useful in.

- Is there a location requirement? Do I have to be UK based?

We are currently only accepting mentees with a British address.

- Who arranges the meetings?

The meetings are held on a date agreed to by both mentors and mentees. It is up to both parties to decide a date that works and arrange a meeting. We will track and monitor progress to ensure there is progression.

- Do I have to pay to receive mentoring?

Mentoring is given on a completely voluntary basis. As a result, you do not need to pay anything, the process is free.

- Does it matter if there are no mentors currently working in the field I am interested in?

Mentors can still give valuable guidance even if they are not working in the exact field that you are interested in. They can still give you great advice on job applications, improving your CV and what might be the best route for you to follow.

- Will mentoring result in a job opportunity or internship?

Our mentors are here to help guide you and develop your skills. There are no guarantees that they will directly provide you with a job opportunity. However, they can help grow your network and help make you aware of new opportunities.

- When/how will I meet with my mentor/mentee?

It is up to the mentor and mentee to agree upon a date and time to meet. We encourage mentors to aim for one session every two weeks, lasting one hour. It is also up to the pair to decide how these sessions are carried out. They can be over phone calls, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other method you see fit.

- Do I have to meet my mentor in person?

We leave how mentors and mentees want to interact with each other up to the individuals. You can choose to stay completely virtual, or to eventually meet up with your mentor.

- How are mentees and mentors matched?

We issue a few initial surveys to assess our mentees current career aspirations and personalities. We also assess our mentors in a similar way. Once we have all this data, our team assign the pairs we think would make the best fit.

- How much say do I have in choosing my mentor?

Mentees can request if they want a male/ female mentor. Beyond this, we will do our best to match you with the mentor that is the best fit for you depending on your fields of interest and survey answers.

- What do I do if I have an issue?

If you have an issue you can talk to your mentor directly, or send us an email at

- How can I give feedback on my sessions?

After each session there is an opportunity to answer a survey we send out. Here you can provide any feedback about the program that you have. If you have any other thoughts, you can also email us at .