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Mentyoo is a mentoring platform that helps young people access professional development opportunities. We work with charities and community groups to connect young people with experienced mentors and provide access to skills training.



Our mentees have seen real improvements



Anybody can sign up for mentoring, or to be a mentor



Our mentoring is completely free, and always will be

We work with corporates, charities and universities to build bespoke mentoring programmes


Mentyoo is the ideal partner, whether you want to improve your D&I, or if you want your students to succeed. We can structure our mentoring schemes to fit your specific mandate, including:

  • Target mentor/ mentee profiles
  • Demographic/ ethnic groups
  • General vs sector-specific
  • Outcome reporting
  • Social Value and ESG calculations

What our mentors and mentees think

It's been a great experience on the Aspire Mentorship Program, I have been able to support and be someone that can listen from an outside perspective. I have also learnt about myself and it’s helped to motivate me in progressing my career. I would love to see more opportunities like this for British Pakistanis to access and explore mentoring options. Hayfa Bukhari, Mentor, Aspire Programme

Mentyoo has been greatly helpful and helping me map out my graduate process. I now have a list of all the job opportunities I’d like to apply to along with all the relevant dates. I never would have been this organised or would have had this long list without Mentyoo. I plan to finish my degree and apply to all of the graduate programmes that Mentyoo has helped me find. Hopefully I will be able to pursue a career in the civil service or charity sector. Zafar Abbas, Mentee, Open Programme

Sign up as a mentor or a mentee!

Our programmes are always running, and we accept mentees and mentors from all backgrounds. You need to be based in the UK and over 18.

100% of our mentees finished the programme satisfied


We’re supported by some great partners, including the National Lottery’s Community Fund: