Mentor FAQs

- What are the time commitments of mentoring?

Our initial mentoring period lasts for 12 weeks, broken down into a one-hour session every 2 weeks. However, it is up to mentors and mentees to decide when they meet and for how long. Some pairs may prefer a session every week.

- What is the role of a mentor?

Mentors are expected to help their mentee find a clear career path and develop a level of confidence to pursue this. This can be through discussing available opportunities, creating a CV together or practice job interviews. Your role is to guide and be somebody the mentee can bounce ideas off of.

- What criteria are you looking for in mentors?

We are looking for mentors that are established in their fields, who can share valuable insight into their journey. We expect our mentors to have been working their chosen field for at least three years and with the ability to share some wisdom about this with their mentees.

- How long is the mentoring scheme?

The mentoring scheme lasts for a 12-week period, but it is up to mentors and mentees to decide when they end their communication.

- When/How will I meet with my mentor/mentee?

It is up to the mentor and mentee to agree upon a date and time to meet. We encourage mentors to aim for one session every two weeks, lasting one hour. It is also up to the pair to decide how these sessions are carried out. They can be over phone calls, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other method you see fit.

- Who arranges the meetings?

The meetings are held on a date agreed to by both mentors and mentees. It is up to both parties to decide a date and arrange meetings.

- Can I have more than one mentee?

Yes, if you feel like you can effectively manage more than one mentee this is possible.

- Who do I contact if I require additional support?

Please direct any queries to

- Is there any training provided/available?

We currently do not offer any formal training but we provide you with guidance and we are more than happy for you to reach out to us on if you feel that you need any additional support.

- What do I do if I’m having trouble with my mentee (scheduling conflicts etc)

Please direct any queries to